Arcade Station

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The Arcade Station

Open Hours: all day and night
Possible actions: play minigames
Rewards: 5B$ and 1 Sex Appeal
or 1 Superficiality point

10B$ and 3 Sex Appeal
or 3 Superficiality points

20B$ and 5 Sex Appeal
or 5 Superficiality points

Available games: 1. Organize Your Love Life

2. Who Is Who and What Is What in Bimbolands?

What can you do at the Arcade Station?

Here you can play minigames to earn more B$. You are able to play two different games, both are memory games and can be played three times a day (with a 24 hours break) or five times a day, if you are Senator.  

Why should I play these games?

You can win B$ and Sex Appeal (with "Organize Your Love Life) or B$ and superficiality (with "Who Is Who and What Is What").

Especially for new Bimbos games are important to get money and Superficiality.

Normally you would have to spend one hour in the City Library to get one point of Superficiality or alternatively you would have to pay 1000 B$ at the University Laboratory, to get 3 points.

Superficiality points are needed to get a better job, here you can get them by playing games.

The Superficiality points won by playing "Who Is Who and What Is What in Bimbolands?" count for getting the Superficial badge in Achievements.

With increasing your Sex Appeal you have the chance to win the weekly contest. It's a small addon because to reach the weekly top ten you'll need a good job and you'll have to work the whole week.