City Library

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City Library

Open Hours: all day and night
Possible actions: study
Reward: 1 point Superficiality per hour
Cost: 10% of your Energy per hour

The City Library offers a range of services including books for hire, meeting rooms and internet cafe and various evening classes.

What shall bimbos do, who prefer to stay dumb by nature?

Easy. Go to the Arcade Station. There you can win superficiality by playing.
If, and only if, you want to become an intelligent bimbo with prooving it via having the superficial badge, you should visit the library.
(Or take the fast and easy way and go to the University Laboratory, where you can buy a memory implant for 1000B$, that's 3 points superficiality.)

Just a hint: Do you see any bimbo in the library? It's empty, isn't it? This is because bimbos know better how to waste time with having fun.