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In fall 2018 a new currency was introduced to Bimboland: Diamonds.

What do I need Diamonds for?

Skin tone

For 250 Diamonds you can change your skin tone in Beryls Beauty Salon. Choose between four available colors. You will be able to change it again for another 250 Diamonds.

Boob surgery

Also Mr Chops Plastic Surgery is the place where you can change your boob size to a size more appropriate for a real bimbo. All you need is 500 Diamonds for the change (you will be able to change it back for another 500). Keep in mind that some clothes won't fit you anymore. They will disappear from your closet.

Impatient? Speed up!

You can speed up your progress in the activities that need time. Namely these are working out, working, getting prettier, getting smarter, sniffing power powder, having sex

Casino Royale

In the Casino Royale you can buy a Lottery Ticket for 100 Diamonds to spin the wheel of fortune. Prizes amongst others are 50, 100, 150 and 200 Diamonds.
Don't want to rely on luck to get a Chest? Buy one for 150 (small), 300 (medium) or 450 (big) Diamonds to win random items.


Out of Tokens? Buy 100 tokens for 100 Diamonds


If you do not like your opponent you can redraw for 10 Diamonds.

As soon as you have no Duels left any more you can refill 3 Duels for 99 Diamonds

Unlock Outfit slots

You can buy additional Outfit slots with Diamonds now!

1 Slot 100 Diamonds

2 Slots 170 Diamonds

4 Slots 300 Diamonds

Unlock slots for favorite Bimbos

You have made more than 10 Friends? Brilliant, unlock 10 more slots for 100 Diamonds.

How do I get Diamonds?

1) You can buy Diamonds

2) You will also get them through activities on the site. When you vote on Debates and Outfit Fights you might stumble over one or two Diamonds from time to time. A popup will notify you about this. Also whenever you win a Duel you will be rewarded with a small number of Diamonds depending on the difficulty of your opponent.

3) As a Senator you get a 500 Diamond bonus every month

4) The Drag Queen Fashion Contest rewards the first five places with Diamonds:
1st place - 1000 Diamonds + 2000 Sex Appeal
2nd place - 500 Diamonds + 1500 Sex Appeal
3rd place - 300 Diamonds + 1000 Sex Appeal
4th place - 200 Diamonds + 500 Sex Appeal
5th place - 100 Diamonds + 250 Sex Appeal

5) In the Casino Royale you can buy a ticket for 100 Diamonds to spin the Wheel of Fortune. Prizes amongst others are 50, 100, 150 and 200 Diamonds.

Can I buy Diamonds?

Yes, you can!
Simply go to the Treasury and buy
500 Diamonds for 4,99$
2500 Diamonds for 19,99$ or
6500 Diamonds for 49,99$

Treasury diamonds.jpg

I don't want my Diamonds! I need cash!

No problem, you can exchange 1 Diamond for 10 Bimbo Dollar in the Treasury. Pick a set amount or enter your own.