Drag Queen Fashion Contest

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Draq queen contest is a contest organised by Prime Bimbo, who is choosing contest's theme.

Contest takes place every month.

From 1st to 7th day of the month you can see announcements about the contest and its theme. That's the time to complete your outfit and sign in. Signing in costs 250 B$ (remember that before you spend all you money on clothes).


From 8th to 15th day of the month Bimbos vote for the best outfit. Each day with first logging in you are asked to give a vote for Bimbos who signed into the contest. The results are announced after the voting closes.



1st place - "Drag Queen" badge + Gold Medal + 10000 B$ + 2000 Sex Appeal

2nd place - Silver Medal + 5000 B$ + 1500 Sex Appeal

3rd place - Bronze Medal + 3000 B$ + 1000 Sex Appeal

4th place - 2000 B$ + 500 Sex Appeal

5th place - 1000 B$ + 250 Sex Appeal