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Money and Jobs

Q: How do I make money in Bimbolands? Can my bimbo get a job?

A: Win fights/debates: B$20 per win. Mini games in the Arcade Station can earn you up to 120 B$ daily (200 B$ senator). Votes for fights/debates: 40 B$ daily (80 B$ senator). Leaving reaction and liking someone's profile: up to 10 B$ daily. Lottery wheel gives a chance to win 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 B$. Complete daily tasks: 200 B$ per task.

There’s also jobs in Bimbolands! To earn more, your bimbo can get a job and get paid by the hour.

Q: What can I spend my money on?

A: Clothes for your Bimbo in the shops! As well you can buy makeup, tattoos, or get a haircut. You can also use it to increase your attributes in locations in Bimbo City, and replenish your energy and self-indulgence levels.

Q: How do I get a job?

A: Go to the map via click on City, then go to the Job Center and see what jobs you are qualified for. Click 'Accept Job' on the job you want. To qualify for better paid jobs, you have to increase your attributes (fitness, vanity, superficiality).

Q: How does the job system work? How can I get a better paid job?

A: Generally the better paid jobs require your fitness, vanity, and superficiality to be increased. At the Job Center you can see how many points in each attribute jobs require.

Q: Now that my bimbo has a job, how do I get paid?

A: Go to the Workplace in Bimbo City, and choose how many hours you want to work. Make sure that you have enough energy and self-indulgence to be able to work!

Your Profile - Bimbo Attributes, Energy Level, Self-Indulgence Level, Sex Appeal, Achievements - Deleting, Renaming, Editing and Security

Q: What are the fitness, vanity and superficiality points for? How do I raise these attributes?

A: The attributes are for your bimbo to qualify for certain jobs. Generally the higher the attributes, the better the job. To see what jobs there are, and what attributes you need for the jobs, go to the Job Center on the Map.

On the map there are several locations to raise your attributes. There are locations to increase them for free, but to raise them faster you can go to other locations where it costs B$.

The free options:

-To raise the fitness go to the The Bimbo Gym.

-To raise vanity go to Beryls Beauty Salon.

-To raise superficiality go to the [[City Library] or play the minigame Who Is Who And What is What in the Arcade Station.

Each of these only costs you 10% energy per hour (5% for senators), and they earn you one point of fitness, vanity or superficiality per hour.

The options that cost B$:

-To get 3 fitness points for 1000B$ go to your home and 'relax'.

-To get 3 vanity points for 1000B$ go to Mr Chops Plastic Surgery.

-To get 3 superficiality points for 1000B$ go to the University Laboratory.

These are the more expensive options, but they save your bimbo’s energy and they are a faster way to increase your attributes.

Q: What do I need energy, sex appeal and self-indulgence levels for? How do I boost them up?

A: Energy allows you to raise your attributes and go to work to earn B$. Generally, it costs 10% of your bimbos energy per hour to work or raise attributes (for senators 5% per hour). To gain back energy, go home and sleep. You’ll regain 10% of energy per hour. A faster way to replenish energy is to go to the Backstreet Alley on the Map and 'drink red bull', price: 500B$, but it replenishes 50% of your energy instantly.

self-indulgence is kind of like your bimbos well-being and happiness. Once in a while your bimbo needs to have some fun and enjoy life! You need self-indulgence to work. It costs 5% of it per hour to work. To replenish your self-indulgence, go to the Memories cocktail bar and night club, and either 'have fun' or 'have sex'. If you choose to 'have fun' it's free and increases your self-indulgence 10% per hour, but it costs 10% of your energy per hour (for senators only 5%). If you choose to 'have sex' you have to pay 500B$ and increase your self-indulgence by 50% instantly!

Q: Is it possible to rename my bimbo?

A: Unfortunately, there is no way to rename your bimbo. Hey, you had your free choice when registering!

Q: How do I delete my profile?

A: There appears to be no way to delete. However, you can remove the app from your Facebook account by following these steps. It won't get rid of your account here, because it will still be here if you sign in to Bimbolands again, but the app won't be on your Facebook account anymore. To remove the app, start off by going to your Facebook profile that is attached to Bimbolands. In the blue bar at the top of Facebook, it says your name, Home, and a bunch of other options. The last option on the right of this, there’s a small arrow pointing down. Click the arrow, and choose 'settings'.


Q: What does RIP near bimbo's name mean?

A: When you don't want to be a bimbo anymore you can commit bimbo suicide, which is an equivalent of deleting you account. To commit suicide you have to go to privacy and security (padlock button) and choose 'commit bimbo suicide'. Your bimbo name will be still present in Bimboland but with the RIP ending. Others won't be able to visit your profile.

Q: How do I get back my old bimbo's clothes from Miss Bimbo?

A: If you played on Miss Bimbo with the same email account or you have connected to your Facebook, you might be able to get your old bimbo's clothes back. However, as far as I can tell, it doesn’t always work, and you have to do it when you sign up. So if you're already signed up, there doesn't seem to be a way to get your old clothes back.

Q: How do I change my 'about me'? How do I get my bimbo to say anything and take part in debates?

A: Go to My Bimbo and click 'Edit Information' (the symbol 'pencil')! Here you can change your state , write your 'about me', give yourself a signature and write your opinions for your debates!

Q: I don’t want to participate in debates. How can I do this?

A: Go to My Bimbo and click on 'privacy and security' (the symbol 'lock'). Here you can choose if other bimbos shall be able to open a debate with you. You can also decide if your profile is public or private, change your email that’s attached to the account, choose whether or not you get notified by email when you get messages, comments or debates, and subscribe or unsubscribe to the monthly newsletter.

Or you can just leave the opinion box empty. Then other bimbos can't start a debate with you in the subject you missed.

Q: How do I change my 'about me'? How do I get my bimbo to say anything other than: “I am a boring bimbo and have nothing to say on this subject...” when I debate?

A: Go to My Bimbo and click 'edit information' (the symbol 'pencil')! Here you can change your state, write your 'about me', give yourself a signature and write your opinions for your debates!

Playing game

Q: What is debating and fighting for?

A: It’s mostly just for competitive fun but it can also be a way to build up sex appeal points and earn money. You can get 1 B$ every time for voting in a debate or fight. You can get 5 sex appeal points and 20 B$ every time you win a debate or fight.

Q: How do I debate someone?

A: First you need to fill in your opinions! Go to My Bimbo then click the pencil icon that says ‘edit information’. Scroll down and you’ll see different topics, fill these with your statements on each then you’re ready to debate someone! To debate someone you have to go to their profile, click on the 'debate'-scrolldown-button and choose a topic. You can also start a debate directly from debates section. Click on a debate and you will see 'challenge to the debate' button in the head of every debater. Happy Debating!

Q: How do I start a fight?

A: First go to '[[My Closet|my closet]' (symbol coat hook) on your My Bimbo page and save your outfit naming it with a category via the scrolldown-option left of the save-button. Then find another bimbo with the same category and voilà! use the 'fight' button under the chosen category. You can also start a fight directly from fights list. Find a fight with outfits that you have saved in your closet, click on it and you will have a 'challenge' button there. Remember, that you can have only one ongoing fight with the same bimbo in the same category.

Q: How often can I vote? How often can I have a debate or fight?

A: You can vote 60 times every day (120 if you are senator). You can start debates or fights without a daily limit. Starting a fight or debate costs you 10 tokens. You can't start new fight or debate when you already have ongoing fight or debate in the same category with the same bimbo.

Q: What are tokens? How can I spend it? How can I earn them?

A: Tokens are used to start a fight or debate . To challenge another bimbo you have to pay 10 tokens. You earn tokens by voting in fights and debates - each vote gives you 2 tokens. You can also buy 100 tokens for 1000 B$. As well tokens are used to get a new daily task faster than every 24 hours.

Q: What are reputation points for? How are they earned? Can I spend them on something?

A: Reputation points are something you earn every time you vote in a debate or fight, leave a reaction on another bimbo, get reaction, get your forum post liked, get your comments on other bimbo profiles liked. They show how long a bimbo has been member of bimboland. It also shows how active someone has been because you earn one each time you do something in the community. You can also get 20 points by completing a daily task.

Q: Sex appeal points. How can i earn them?

A: You earn sex appeal points for every hour spent in work. You get 10 points with every reaction you receive on your bimbo. Relationships bring you few points daily. You get 5 points every time you win a fight or debate . You can get 50 points by completing your daily task. You can also get points playing minigames.

Q: What are leaderboards for?

A: On leaderboards you can see how high is your bimbo in general classification.

There are 4 categories of leaderboards : Sexiest, Most Reputable, Best Fighters, Best Debaters. We have leaderboards of the week and leaderboards of all-time leaders.

At the end of every week it's week's summary done and bimbos on the Top 10 of the week are given B$ prizes, which are:

2000 B$ - 1st place,

1750 B$ - 2nd place,

1500 B$ - 3rd place,

1250 B$ - 4th place,

1000 B$ - 5th place,

800 B$ - 6th place,

600 B$ - 7th place,

400 B$ - 8th place,

250 B$ - 9th place,

100 B$ - 10th place.

All time leaders are not paid for being at Top 10 (unless their not at Top 10 of the week).

Q: What is the reaction system? How can I leave the reaction? Do I get something for my reaction?

A: Reactions are positive reaction that you can leave for any other bimbo. To leave a reaction go to the bimbo profile and choose one of reactions which are symbolized by the four emoticons just near the bimbo figure.


There are benefits for leaving reaction! You get 1 B$ and 1 reputation point for every reaction and you can get maximum 10 B$ and 10 rep points in very 24 hours this way. You can give more reactions, but you are not paid for that.

Bimbo who receives the reactions is given 10 sex appeal points and 10 reputation points for each reaction.

Q: What is daily task? How can I get a daily task? What are the prizes for daily task?

A: daily task is a feature that helps you earn money, reputation and sex appeal. To get it you just have to click on 'start your today's adventure now' in your bimbo page. To complete daily task you have 24 hours, but you can be faster. After you finished the parts of your daily task you have to wait 24 hours to get a new daily task. You can open it earlier by paying with tokens - 1 token for every 15 minutes left.

After the daily task is completed you receive 200 B$, 50 sex appeal points and 20 reputation points.

Q: What are badges for? How can I get a badge?

A: You receive badges for completing achievements in Bimboland, which means doing something several times. Programmers add new badges while adding new features to the game. For now we have 22 badges.

Prime Bimbo, Senator, State Minister badge - you have to become one of them.

Superficial, Fit, Vain badge - to get these badges you have to collect specific amount of points.

Greedy badge - you get it for earning money via working.

Workaholic - to get it, you have to spend some time working.

Shaker - to get it you have to spend some time in the Memories cocktail bar and night club having fun.

Hipster - to get it you have to make yourself tattoos.

Funky - to get it you have to buy haircuts at hairdresser.

Diva - to get it you have to buy makeups at Beauty Parlour.

Shopaholic - you get it for buying items in the shops.

Noisy - to get it you have to post in the forum.

Mass debater - to get it you have to win debates.

Curious - you can get it by bimbos challenge you for debates.

Horny - you get it for having sex in the Memories cocktail bar and night club. The one place to have sex. The only one.

Dopehead - to get you have to drink 'red bull'. You get it in the Backstreet Alley. Yes, 'red bull' is a codename.

Draq queen - you get it after winning a Drag Queen Fashion Contest.

Fighter - you get it when you win in fights.

Adventurer - to get it you have to complete daily tasks.

There are three categories of badges: Pink, silver and golden. Every time you get a badge you earn some money and reputation points.

Q: What is the Drag Queen Fashion Contest? How can I be part of it?

A: Drag Queen Fashion Contest is a contest organised by Prime Bimbo, who is choosing contest's theme. Contest takes place every month. From 1st to 7th day of the month you can see announcements about the contest and its theme. That's the time to complete your outfit and sign in. Signing in costs 250 B$ (remember that before you spend all you money on clothes). Then from 8th to 15th day of the month the voting take place. Each day with first logging in you are asked to give a vote for one of three bimbos who signed in the contest. The results are announced after the voting closes.

Q: What is Wheel of Fortune? How can I use that?

A: Wheel of Fortune is a feature that helps you win some points, money or other prizes without any effort, just by spinning the wheel. To use Wheel of Fortune you have to have a ticket. You get a ticket every 5th day of logging in in a row and every time your bimbo is leveling up. You can also buy one ticket for 1000 B$.

Q: What are relationships for? How can I get relationship? How can I end relationship?

A: You can have up to 3 f**k buddies and one spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend. To start relationship you have to find a bimbo who is free and then you see Hook up button. That's the way to propose to a bimbo or ask bimbo to be your new f*buddie. To end up relationship you have to go to My profile and click on relationships (heart symbol). There you see overview for your relationships and 'break up'-option.

Relationships bring you some profits - money and sex appeal points. The amount of money you earn and points you get depends on the type of relationship (marriage is rewarded better than f*buddie and on your partner's position (you get more points for senators than for normal citizen).

Dressing Room, Tattoo Parlour, Beauty Parlour, and Hairstylist

Q: How do I get clothes? How do the shops work?

A: All the shops work the same way, but for this example we will use the clothing shop. You click on the shops, then choose the clothing shop. You will see different categories of clothing, click on one category that you want to look in. There’s an option in upper right corner to sort the clothes by price, popularity or how new or old they are; if you want go ahead and sort them however you want. You can look through the pages of clothing until you find something you like, to try it on your bimbo click on the item. If you want to take off the item click on chosen item once again. To remove all items use 'Undress'. To buy something click the 'Buy' button underneath the item you want. Once you’re done shopping you can dress your Bimbo!

Q: How do I use the My Closet?

A: Click on My Bimbo (the bust symbol) then click on My closet (clothes hook). There are different categories of clothing, if you’ve bought clothes they will appear in the category they belong to (for example, shirts belong in 'tops' and pants belong in 'trousers'). To put on clothing you’ve bought, click on a category then click on the item you want to wear. If you want to take it off, click 'Clear Preview'. When you’re done putting together an outfit don’t forget to click 'save'!

Q: Can I save outfits to use later?

A: No. If you're finished with an outfit and click 'save' it's published on your profile.

Q: How can I get more slots? Can I get more slots by being active player?

A: Unfortunately not. Each bimbo has two slots at the start, senators have 8 slots. However, it's possible to have up to 8 slots, but you have to pay to unlock it. You have to click on 'More slots' and fulfill payment. One slot costs 0,99$, two slots 1,69$, four slots 2,99$. After paying you will have your slots unlocked permanently.

The Forum/General Discussion

Q: What is the forum for?

A: Bimbos can talk about whatever they want here! It’s also where the Prime Bimbo makes important announcements.

Q: How is the forum organized?

A: There is one section that’s meant for the Prime Bimbo to make announcements: Announcements from the Pink House. This is where they can tell the citizens any news or info they want us to know.

There are two sections Announcements from Boob Palace and Announcements from The Future which are meant for developers to inform the Bimbo public about changes in the game.

In these sections Bimbos can add posts, but cannot start new thread.

There are three sections for Bimbo citizens to talk in:

The first section is the General Discussion. This is where Bimbos can talk about pretty much anything as long as they’re polite and respectful!

The second section is the Wit, games and educated frivolity. Bimbos can create contests, tell jokes and play word and picture games here.

Last but not least there’s the Help and Advice section. If you come across a glitch, need advice, or have any questions that this FAQ doesn’t answer, check the Help and Advice to see if there’s any solutions for you here. If not, then create a topic in Help and Advice!

Q: How do I make a topic in the forum?

A: First go the forum in the main menu, then click on the button 'New Topic'. Choose the category. Give your topic a title. The title can be a question or just a short description of what you want to talk about. Under the title make sure to make the first post, say whatever you want to talk about. When you’re done it should look something like this:


Everything has been filled out and now the topic is ready to be discussed. Press 'submit' at the bottom of the page to make it an active topic in the forum!

Q: How do I make a poll?

A: If you want to ask a question in your topic you can add a poll to it. Under the window for your post you can see 'Additional' and 'Create Poll'. Then click on the check mark next to 'Poll' then give it a title. The title should be the question you want to ask. After this, add the 'Poll Options' which are the different answers that people can choose from. An example of this would look like this:


To separate the different answers press Enter after each answer. When you’re done press submit.

Q: How do I add a picture to a post or topic?

A: There are two ways to do this.

The easy way: Find the picture online or upload the picture you want to a site like imgur, tinypic, etc. Once it’s online right click the picture, select 'copy image' then right click in your post and select 'paste'.

The more complicated way to put a picture in a post: Find the picture online or upload it somewhere online like imgur, tinypic, etc. Once it’s done uploading, right click the picture and select 'copy image url'. Now go to the topic, click on the picture icon:


Paste the url in the box that opens. Click the check mark and now the picture should appear in your post!

Important to know: In the end both possibilities are the same, they create a link to the original image. This is the reason, why you can't paste a picture from your smartphone or your computer. You need an internet page (like tinypic, imgur, tumblr or others) where you can upload your own pictures.


Q: Who are the Senators? What do they do?

A: Senators are people who have paid to be able to run for State Minister. There are also certain Senators who represent each State, and are assigned to help people with questions or problems State Ministers. They run their own 'Town Halls' where bimbos can ask for help, make suggestions for the site, or just say hello to their neighbors! You must be a State Minister to run for Prime Bimbo.

The Map

Q: What is the map for?

A: The map shows all the different states of Bimboland.

Q: Can I change my mind about which state I live in? How do I know which State to choose?

A: You can always change your state if you want or if you feel more at home somewhere else. To do this you go to My Bimbo] and click on the pencil to go to Edit Information. You can change your State there. Remember that it costs 5000 B$!

To choose what state you want to live in, it’s recommended to check the map. Read the descriptions about each state under the map to figure out which one fits to you. Or you can take a sneak peak into the town hall of each state (via forum), to look who are the bimbos already living in the state.

Q: What locations can I visit in Bimbo City?

A: There’s your Home where you can sleep to replenish Energy for free, and relax to earn Fitness points (costs 1000 B$ but you earn the points very fast), there’s also The Bimbo Gym where you can earn Fitness points for free!

The City Library is where you can earn Superficiality points for free, you can also go to the University Laboratory to get them faster for 1000 B$. Another fast way to earn Superficiality is to go to Arcade Station and play Who is Who and What is What.

Beryls Beauty Salon is where you can go to earn Vanity points for free, Mr Chops Plastic Surgery is where you can earn them faster for 1000 B$.

The Job Center is where you can check out what jobs you qualify for, and you can get a job there, the Workplace is where you can earn B$ and sex appeal by working.

Memories cocktail bar and night club is where you can go to replenish your bimbos self-indulgence after a long day of work, you can choose to 'have fun' or 'have sex' for 500 B$.

The Backstreet Alley is where you can replenish your Energy by 50%, but for a price of 500 B$ to 'drink red bull'.

As you can see, there’s many places to visit in Bimbolands!

Prime Bimbo

Q: Who is the Prime Bimbo? What do they do?

A: The Prime Bimbo is the leader of Bimbolands. They proudly represent all bimbos far and wide. They work hard with the technical support, the State Ministers, Senators and the Bimbo citizens to make Bimboland as fun and fair as they can!

Q: How does someone become Prime Bimbo?

A: Every 4 months a new Prime Bimbo is chosen by the citizens of Bimboland. This Prime Bimbo must be a dedicated and positive force in the community. It’s very important that Bimboland leaders want what’s best for everyone!

Only State Ministers and the current Prime Bimbo can apply to be new elected Prime Bimbo. Election takes place every 4 months: 1st of February, 1st of June and 1st of October. Each bimbo can vote! To vote you just have to log in to the game on elections day. Before you'll be let further you will be asked to give your vote, so don't worry - you won't miss it!

State Minister

Q: Who are the State Ministers? How can I become State Minister?

A: State Ministers represent their state, so there's 6 State Ministers. Only a Senator can be elected for State Ministers post. Elections take place every 4 months: on 1st of April, 1st of August, 1st of December. During elections you can vote only for Senators from your state. State Ministers may become next chosen Prime Bimbo, so choose wisely!


Q: What is the treasury? How does it work? What is it for?

A: When people buy Bimbo Dollars with their real money, half of this real money goes into the treasury For the Prime Bimbo's salary (1000 B$ = 10 $). The other half of the money goes towards keeping the site running and improving it. After every election the treasury is collected from the beginning. If you choose to purchase Senatorship you also contribute to the treasury!

Where do I go if I have more questions?

The Help and Advice section will most likely have some answers for you! You can make a topic if you want, or you can ask any of the State Ministers in their town halls. You can also use Bimbo Wiki!

If you come across a glitch or bug report it here.

If you have questions or suggestions your town hall is always open!

Secville’s Town Hall

Antitheocra’s Town Hall

Freethinkerland’s Town Hall

Atheista’s Town Hall

Agnostica’s Town Hall

Reasonopia’s Town Hall