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Home Sweet Home

Adress: http://bimbo.land/bimbo-city/home/1
Possible actions: relax and sleep
Rewards: sleep: add 10% energy per hour
relax: 3 vanity points
Cost: sleep: 1 hour for 10% energy
relax: 1000B$

Home sweet home. This is the place you were born and raised. It is here that you feel most relaxed and at peace with the world ­in your own space and environment and close to your beloved bimbo family. In your home you can rest, recuperate sleep and spend some quality time. With yourself.

Sleeping? Are you kidding me? I wanna have the party of my life!

Party? Best place for party is the Memories cocktail bar and night club. But you need energy to make party.
For this you have to sleep or go to the Backstreet Alley and pay for your energy.

And what is relaxing good for?

For your fitness, you can go to the The Bimbo Gym and spend time, or you spend money for professional relaxing.
And who won't to get a good job, when there's no daddy with the big wallet around?