How to make money?

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Get a job and send your Bimbo to work

To get a job you ned to earn Fitness, Vanity and Superficiality points. The more points Bimbo has, the better job it gets and the more money it earns.

To earn Fitness, go to Gym.

To earn Vanity, go to Beauty Salon.

To earn Superficiality, go to Library or play minigame.


To get a job go to the City and Job Centre and Accept Job.


Now when you want to earn money or sex appeal points, you can Go to work.

Get into relationship, marriage and find f*buddies

You receive daily bonuses for being married or in relatonship and having f*buddies.

Play a minigame

At the Arcade Station you will find 2 minigames.


You can play each of them 3 or 5 (Senator) times a day and earn superficiality, sex appeal and Bimbo Dollars.

Win contest

Weekly leaders

If you finish a week in the the top 10 in one of the leaderboards, you will receive prize:

1. 2000 Bimbo Dollars

2. 1750 Bimbo Dollars

3. 1500 Bimbo Dollars

4. 1250 Bimbo Dollars

5. 1000 Bimbo Dollars

6. 800 Bimbo Dollars

7. 600 Bimbo Dollars

8. 400 Bimbo Dollars

9. 250 Bimbo Dollars

10. 100 Bimbo Dollars.

Leaderboards type:

Sexy Reputable Debaters Fighters

Monthly contest: Drag Queen Fashion Contest

You can sign to the contest with your outfit. You have to pay 250B$ to sign in and if you finish in top 5 you will get a reward :

1. Drag queen badge and 10000 Bimbo Dollars, 2000 Sex Appeal points,

2. 5000 Bimbo Dollars and 1500 Sex Appeal points,

3. 5000 Bimbo Dollars and 1500 Sex Appeal points,

4. 2000 Bimbo Dollars and 500 Sex Appeal points,

5. 2000 Bimbo Dollars and 500 Sex Appeal points.



Reactions System can give you up to 10 B$ daily.

Vote in fight and debates


You can vote up to 60 or 120 (Senator) times a day.

Win fights and debates

You receive 20 Bimbo Dollars for each Outfit Fights or Debate you win.

Daily tasks

You earn 200 Bimbo Dollars for completing each of Daily Task.

Earn badges

You receive B$ for every badge earned.

There are badges with different tasks and rewards.

You can check your progress at "My achievements"