Job Centre

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Job Centre

Possible actions: accept job
Reward: possibilty to get B$ and sex appeal
Cost: time, time to fulfil qualifications... or B$, masses of B$

The Bimbolands job centre is part financed by the government to help Bimbos get back into work and thus help the Bimbolands economy. Here is the place to find yourself a job.

What job am I good for?

All the jobs that shows the button "accept job" are good for you.
What to do if the favourite job you want to get shows "Requirements not met"?
In the table you can see the requirements: fitness, vanity and superficiality

How to get these poins?

Invest some time and got to the Bimbo Gym to get fitness. Or try to relax at your bimbo Home with paying money to get fitness.
Same for vanity, either visit Beryls Beauty Salon or got to Mr Chops Plastic Surgery.
And for Superficialiy you have to visit the City Library or the University Laboratory... or you play "Who is who or what is what in bimbolands?" in the Arcade Station, if you're clever enough.

You are too lazy to do anything of it?
In this case the last chance would be to go to the Casino Royale.
With a big bit of luck and a big amount of money you will be able to win the points you need via the wheel of fortune. Good luck!