Lottery Ticket

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How to get Lottery Ticket?


You can find Lottery Tickets from The Casino Royale in the City. Lottery Ticket costs 1000B$.

You will get one lottery ticket when you have logged in to Bimboland for 5 days in a row. When you level up, you will be rewarded with a free lottery ticket (only levels 20+).

How do I spin?

Go to the City, the Casino Royale and click "spin lottery wheel".

What can I win?

Spinning the Wheel of Fortune is always a true gamble. Prizes are:

2 Fitness

5 Fitness

2 Superficiality

5 Superficiality

2 Vanity

5 Vanity

5 Sex Appeal

10 Sex Appeal

20 Sex Appeal





Small Chest

Medium Chest

Large Chest