Mr Chops Plastic Surgery

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Mr Chops Plastic Surgery
Plastic surgeon.jpg

Possible actions: get special treatment
Reward: add 3 points of vanity
Cost: 1000B$

Mr Chop has become the surgeon to the stars and bimbo population alike. He has a team of 10 surgeons whom have performed more boob jobs per head of population than any other area of the world. ‘Bum’ re shaping is the new must have operation in Bimbolands at the moment.

Is this the way to get bigger boobs?

No. It would be nice, if it would be, but because of an unknown error in the virtual reality space something must have been stolen the wisdom of their years of experience.
So: No reshaping of the body of your bimbo... or himbo.
It's the way to feel more pretty by throwing away 1000B$ for three points of vanity.
I can tell you from own experiences: It hurts. It hurts to spend your money for, but the feeling is like 30 seconds vanity warp instead of killing 3 hours in Beryls Beauty Salon.
And perhaps these are the three points you need to start your new career in the Job Centre!