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What is My Bimbo?

My Bimbo is your Bimbo profile, it gives you and other Bimbos an overview of your Bimbo. It displays your Sex Appeal, current level and level progression, reactions received, current state you're in, all your public outfits, About Me section, Forum Signature, statistics, attributes, Leaderboards positions, Debates- Duels- and Outfit Fights wins, Relationships, Achievements, Profile Comments, a button to send Messages, a button to challenge you to Debates and Outfit Fights, a report button, and a block button for all the other Bimbos on Bimboland to see.

What you can see on your own profile that other Bimbos can't see is which Artifacts you're using, buttons to change your boob size and skin tone, your current activity, Daily Tasks, and buttons that go to My Closet, the shops, Wishlist, the lottery, Relationships, Achievements, politics, edit profile, and privacy and security settings as well as a button that lets you copy the link to your profile, so you can share it with others. You can only edit your politics if you're a Senator, and only if you decide to participate in Elections will people be able to see your campaign.

On the bottom of your profile you can see how many Lottery Tickets, Chests, Tokens, and Artifacts you have.