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It is private, isn't it?

Yes it is. It's the place where you chose what to wear, with all other stuff: hair, make up, tattoos... a little bit as in real life.

What's important?

You can only activate one "item" from one category. Often you would like to combine two. But this is not possible by now.

Where to get all these items?

Good question. The best place would be the Shops. Another possibility is through Casino Royale on opening a chest. A hazard choice.

What style should it be?

Your bimbo style. If you are not sure about your look, take a look into the Outfit Fights. Only the best-dressed will win.

How to create my style?

Until you bought or won something. it will be shown in the category. The number shows how much things you already snatched up.
You can combine one item from one category with all others of other categories.
Sometimes they will not match exactly, as you would wish, because the wrong item is on top. Irritating. Yes.
But as far as it's reliable, what they're telling me... us: the developing team is working on this.
By pressing "save" you're giving your style a go. Left of it, under "(none)" you are able to choose the art of style for Outfit Fights.

What can I arrange under preview?

If you are not lucky with your style under preview, you can "undress", "remove", "Makeup off" and choose "Original hairstyle".
This makes it a bit more easy to try new styles.