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Here you can find out about Prime Bimbo and other politicians:

Under "Bimboland Stats", "Bimboland History" and "The constitution of the internet republic of bimbolands" you can see and read the facts about bimboland.

The first bimbo with the big picture you see is the Prime Bimbo.
She is what she is. Here job should be to make you pride to be a bimbo and to have a fulfilled life in bimboland.
For this, she has some power. The power you gave her, by voting. Hopefully she earns it and know how to use it.

Then there are the State Ministers, every state in bimboland can have one. Can. As long as there is a senator in the state.

And last but not least there are all Senators of the internet republic of bimboland.

They all are the bimbos, who wanted to get some advantages by being Senator.
Or who wanted to be in the spotlight. Or who wanted to achieve something for bimboland.
Just like other politicians, after all they're bimbos and himbos, like you and me.

This is nothing that can be inherited. It's not a status you can win somewhere. There is no hidden door to knock on to get entrance.
There's only one possibility to become member of this exclusive club: Pay for it. Real $. It's possible for everyone. You can do it here:
Don't cry, if you're not the one with the big wallet.
Please don't forget: The important goals of this game is to have fun with each other and to get in contact with other bimbos and himbos all over the world.