Reactions System

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Many of you did not want like/dislike system in our game. So we've changed it a little. OK, more than a little.

In short:

  • no more negative points,
  • no green/red bar,
  • only positive feedback (four available reactions)

How to give a reaction?

Just go to Public View of any Bimbo and choose one of four available reactions (in green rectangles)
Notice that you can always change your reaction or remove it (by pressing it again).


Activity Prize
Receiving a reeaction from another Bimbo 10 Sex Appeal points and 10 Reputation points
First 10 reactions (given) per day 3Bimbo Dollars and 1 Reputation point

Who gave me reactions?

You can check information about who and when gave you a reaction everytime you want.

Click anywhere in the green rectangle:

New window with history of all your reactions will pop up: