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In Bimboland you can have up to 3 F** Buds, and one Marriage or Relationship.

NOTICE: You can have up to 3 F**k Buddies and Marriage or up to 3 F**k Buddies and Relationship. You can not have Marriage nad Relationship at the same time.

How do I start a relationship?

To start a relationship, you need to find a Bimbo who has less then 3 F**k buddies or no Marriage/Relationship. At the profile of the Bimbo you will see Hook up option. That's the way to propose to th Bimbo or ask the Bimbo to be your new F**k buddie.


How can I end up a relationship?

To end up relationship you have to go to My profile and click on relationships (Heart button).


There you see overview for your relationships and Break up option.


What do I need relationships for?

Relationships bring you some profits - Bimbo Dollars and Sex Appeal points.

The amount of money you earn and points you get depends on the type of relationship (Marriage is rewarded better than f*buddie) and on your partner's position (you get more points for Senator than for Citizen).