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What's the best way to take your mind off wen you're working too much? HAVING FUN of course!

• Self-indulgence is lowered due to the amount of hours you are working.


NOTICE: You loose 15% instead of 10% of Energy for one hour spent in The Bimbo Gym, Beryls Beauty Salon, City Library or at Workplace, when your Self-Indulgence is below 50%. You receive 15% of instead of 10% of Energy for every hour of sleeping, when your self-indulgence is below 50%.

TIP: If your Bimbo is tired after work and her Self-indulgence is low, start recovering with Energy!

How can I increase my Self-indulgence?


Click the “Have Some Fun” button and it will direct you to the Memories cocktail bar and night club. There you have the options to Have Fun or Have Sex.

Have Fun - you're having fun in the Club loosing 10% of Energy and increasing 10% of Self-indulgence per hour.


Have Sex - you receive 50% of Self-indulgence instantly, paying 500B$.