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What is a Bimbo Senator

A Bimbo Senator is a senior member of the Internet republic of Bimboland. Only Senators are eligible to put themselves forward for Election to become State Ministers and then ultimately the Prime Bimbo.
To become a Senator you need to buy one of available subscriptions.

Senator bonuses

Buying a Senator subscription gives you a lot of awesome bonuses:

Senator bonuses
You will take part in State Minister Election and, if elected, may become the next Prime Bimbo! Your Bimbo will lose 50% less Energy on any activity in the City You get 10% discount on everything in the Shops
You get 12 Outfit slots for your Bimbo You can play games in Arcade Station 5 times a day instead of 3 times Remove all the adds from the game
Doubled maximum time for some actions in the City Can vote combined 120 times a day (instead of 60) in Outfit Fights and Debates You get Passport / Citizen status