University Laboratory

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University Laboratory

Possible actions: have a memory implant
Reward: add 3 points of superficiality
Cost: 1000B$

Part of the faculty of science at the University of Bimboland this is where trainee bimbos practice their skills.

Will I be able to win memory games with these memory implants?

...oooohm... Yes!
On the other side, you can play the memory game in the Arcade Station "Who is who and what is what in bimboland?" and this the alternative to win B$ and superficiality.
The better question would be: For what do you need it? The only reason to get it, is to be able to get a well payed job which gives you the possibility to get sex appeal by working.
O and I forgot: To get the superficiality badge and this can't be earned by playing games, for this you have to buy superficiality here or spend time in the City Library.