University Laboratory

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University Laboratory

Possible actions: have a memory implant
Reward: add 3 points of superficiality
Cost: 1000B$

Part of the faculty of science at the University of Bimboland this is where trainee bimbos practice their skills.

Will I be able to win memory games with these memory implants?[edit]

...oooohm... Yes!
On the other side, you can play the memory game in the Arcade Station "Who is who and what is what in bimboland?" and this the alternative to win B$ and superficiality.
The better question would be: For what do you need it? The only reason to get it, is to be able to get a well payed job which gives you the possibility to get sex appeal by working.
O and I forgot: To get the superficiality badge and this can't be earned by playing games, for this you have to buy superficiality here or spend time in the City Library.