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Possible actions: be prodcutive
Reward: B$, B$ and more B$ plus sex appeal
Cost: time, energy and self indulgence
for one hour, 10% of energy and 10% of self indulgence
and possibly more...

Probably the most boring place on earth...

I'm a bimbo! Why do I have to work?

Be honest: Your daddy is paying your real life bills, so why should he pay for your virtual life?

Come on. it's easy. Get some vanity in Beryls Beauty Salon, fitness at the Bimbo Gym and superficiality in the City Library or via playing games in the Arcade Station.
Then you're ready for a job, take a look in the Job Centre what you need and if you have it, choose your job.
And no: no application form, no vita, no references, no certificates, no job interview, no other qualifications - you simply get the job :)

You can choose, when to work, for how long (up to 4 hours) and how often (regarding energy and self-indulgence).
You have to invest 10% of energy for every hour and 10% of your self-indulgence as long as your self-indulgence is 50% or above.
With self-indulgence under 50%, you have to spend 15% of energy and 15% of your self-indulgence.

Hint: When you are at 40% (or a bit more) of energy and 50% (or above, but under 90%) self-indulgence and you choose to work 4 hours, you will only spend 40% of energy and self-indulgence.
After the end of this worktime: Go Home and sleep. You will get 15% of energy for every hour you sleep, because your level of self-indulgence is under 50%!
So it's a bit faster to gather new energy. If your self-indulgence is on 40% after you slept (in this example, it would have been on 80%, before you started working),
just go to the Memories cocktail bar and night club for one hour to bring it back to exactly 50%, because below 50% of self-indulgence it costs 15% of energy per hour.
After this hour you are able to have more fun in the club with spending only 10% of energy for every hour, because now you are starting with 50% self-indulgence.
All this together is the most effective cycle, to spend a minimum of energy and self-indulgence for working and to gather a maximum of it via sleeping and making party.
Trust me. Or ask your teacher (best would be the one who is painting these crazy formulas and mysterious signs on the chalkboard).