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At registration, the Player is automatically credited with a certain sum of "Bimbo Dollars" that may only be used within the framework of the game. The majority of the game's functions are accessible for free using "Bimbo Dollars". "Bimbo Dollars" enable the Player to acquire new items, such as clothes, makeup, hairstyles, and tattoos. Following their registration, the Player may take advantage of offers enabling them to credit their account with Bimbo Dollars.

How do I get Bimbo Dollars?

You can earn Bimbo Dollars by working at your Workplace.

You earn 1 B$ for every vote given in Debates and Outfit Fights.

You earn 20 B$ for every Debate or Outfit Fight you win.

You can earn 3 B$ for reacting on other bimbos. (Up to 10/24h)

You can earn 5-20 B$ for playing minigames in the Arcade Station.

You can earn B$ 200 each day by fulfilling all of your Daily Tasks.

You are given some amounts of Bimbo Dollars for relationships you stay in.

You can change diamonds into Bimbo Dollars.

You can get Bimbo Dollars from winning duels.

Finally, you can buy B$ in the Treasury.