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Challenge other Bimbos in six subjects and won prizes and respect.

Debates main page is available here. Here you can:

  • see ongoing Debates (with filtering options)
  • see your open. won and lost Debates
  • see Debates details
  • vote in other Bimbos Debates - a Debate is over when one Bimbo receive 5 votes

You are a Bimbo. You are a Talker. You are a DEBATER!

Debate subjects

Avaiable categories

You can take part in Debates in six subjects.

Debate subjects
Environment Fashion Money Religion Sex Sports
IMPORTANT: If you don't want to take part in any Debates, just make no changes in Debate section on Edit information page.

How to add my view on the subject

A personal view on the subject can be changed on Edit information page in Debate section.

To change your outfit category you need to:

  • Go to Edit information page
  • Describe your view on the subject or subjects in the Debate section
  • Save changes by pressing a button

Now you are ready to debate!

IMPORTANT: If you don't have view on any subject added you are not allowed to challenge other Bimbos to Debates.

Starting a new Debate

You can start a new Debate from Public View page of any Bimbo. If you and Bimbo you want to challenge have filled views on the same subjects, you will see "Debate" drop-down list. Debate wall.png

The challenge to the Debate costs 20 Tokens.


How many votes can I give per day?
Up to 60 (up to 120 if you have Senator subscription avaiable here).

IMPORTANT: This is a combined number of votes you can give in Debates and Outfit Fights.

When the Debate is over?
When one Bimbo receive 5 votes


Activity Restrictions Prize
One vote given 60 votes per 24h (120 votes per 24h for Senator subscription avaiable here) 1Bimbo Dollar, 1 Reputation point and 2 Token
Debate won (5 votes received) No restrictions 5 Sex Appeal points and 20Bimbo Dollars